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Selected Projects

Some of my previous projects included Art Direction, Branding, Motion Graphics, Web AR, and Branded Space.

Brand and Product

Art Direction and Branding

You have got the idea but would like some help to visualize it, or your team might need some help applying the brand value to the product and the design elements.

Project background

One step into Web3

Visualizing for a new product can be both enjoyable and challenging. This platform, which offers services for cryptocurrency wallets, allows users to showcase their creativity in the DeFi world through more than just a string of random characters.

Cronos ID website loading animation

Art Direction: Ted
Animator: YiAnIcon design and elements for Web app product
Social media template for web app productSocial media template for web app product


Art Director, Logo design, 3D Design, Graphics Design, Motion Design

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Brand Identity is more than a Logo Design. How to apply the brand elements to the product, content for the social media, marketing collaterals, and sales kit are all equally important. If you need help with your brand, feel free to contact me.

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Marketing and Growth

Digital Design and Motion Graphics

These are marketing and growth campaigns that utilize multiple channels. Whether it's static or in motion, all aspects are included.

Project background


Being a multidisciplinary designer will need to wear many hats. Be it as video editing, motion graphics, web design, EDM, UI design, print design for swags, or AR/VR design. Most of the time, there is only a week or less from start to finish, but being a passionate designer, I am dedicated to finding the solution to achieve the goals within the time.

Digital graphics for blog post and website assetsDigital graphics for blog post and website assets


Digital Illustration, Digital Design, Motion Graphics, 2D Animation, AR Development

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Feel free to reach out to me if there is an upcoming campaign and you need someone to help create content across different channels: Webpage, EDM, Google Ads, Apple Search Ads, Playable ads on mobile, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

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Extended Reality


Web AR and VR are revolutionizing digital interaction through augmented and virtual reality experiences in your web browser. They have vast potential for marketing and education and are constantly advancing.

Project background

Spot The FROG

This is a simple WebAR project inspired by my Singapore trip. I visited Singapore last month, and I was amazed by the nature spots like the Zoo, Gardens by the bay, Botanic garden, River wonders...etc. Thanks to my SG fellows, who showed me around and introduced me to lots of food. The entire trip has inspired me to create this artwork.

Take a look
Loading animation of Spot the Frog Web AR experience websitefrogs from Spot the Frog Web AR Experience
Cover image for one of the Spot the Frog Web AR Experience scene.Cover image for one of the Spot the Frog Web AR Experience scene.Cover image for one of the Spot the Frog Web AR Experience scene.Cover image for one of the Spot the Frog Web AR Experience scene.Cover image for one of the Spot the Frog Web AR Experience scene.Cover image for one of the Spot the Frog Web AR Experience scene.


Art Director, 3D Design, Animator, AR and VR Development, Front End Development

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Please feel free to contact me if you have an AR or VR project needing help. I also work on Meta Spark and Lens Studio.

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Experiential Design

Exhibitions, Trade shows, and Events

There is an upcoming event, and you are curious about how to engage your prospective clients. You know storytelling can be better than giving out a brochure.

Project background

Branded Space

With the population in AR and VR, experiential design is more critical than ever. Well-planned physical space will give your customers an unforgettable impression, and it can also take your customers from offline to online.


Experiential Design, Interactive Design

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If you need help planning the O2O experience for events or exhibits, you will need someone who understands the technology, user experience, marketing, and growth funnels.

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Why madeincafe?

I dreamed about visiting different places and using my creativity and design knowledge to work with the locals to solve problems. This idea slowly faded away due to many life events. The idea of "madeincafe" came to me again after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cafes are like central hubs to me. If I want to know more about the neighborhood's vibe, I will visit a local cafe first. Before the growth of shared workplaces, cafes were wonderful places to hang out and work, whether to meet some local folks, brainstorm, or collaborate with others.

I often collaborate with professionals in various fields, such as developers, marketers, engineers, interior designers, and product managers. Some projects that I have worked before:

  • Web and App design
  • Design system
  • Interactive design
  • UI design
  • UI motions
  • Brand Identity
  • Guideline and Playbook
  • Logo animation
  • Branding video
  • Environmental graphics
  • Web AR/VR
  • EDM
  • Digital content for Social media
  • Design for Google AdWords
  • Design for Apple Search Ads
  • Playable ads
  • Explainer video
  • Sales kits
  • Pitching deck
  • Infographics
  • Product walkthrough video
  • Pull-up banners
  • Event backdrop
Hung Tat (Ted)
Multimedia and UXUI Designer

About me

Hi, my name is Hung Tat. I am a passionate and seasoned multidisciplinary designer with hands-on experience in multimedia, product, and experiential design. My greatest strength is connecting different fields to develop innovative ideas, and I am always resourceful in planning and finding the best solution. I am passionate about problem-solving and new ventures. I value integrity and responsibility.

Savannah College of Art and Design
BFA in Motion Media Design,
Minor in Graphics Design
Google UX Design
Google UX Design Foundation
English - Business Level
Cantonese - Native
Chinese - Business Level
Japanese - Basic (Learning)
Assistant Art Director
Web 3 product brand Identity and key visual
Motion design direction
Product onboarding visual development
Social media and growth ads creative
Graphics Designer, APAC
Competition and pitching creative
Marketing and business development creative
CRM and social media content
Gravity Supply Chain
Digital and Graphics Designer, APAC
Branding and marketing creative
Product  prototyping and explainer video
Fundraising pitching deck
Video and podcasts production
yU+Co Lab
Senior Media Designer
Branded space user journey planing and design
Interactive kiosk UXUI design
Motion design and animation
Design Skills
Creative Direction
Art Direction
Concept Development
Visual Development
Design Thinking
Creative Strategy
Experiential Design
Interaction Design
UI Design
Motion Design
2D Animation
UI Motion
3D Generalist
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Audition
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshops
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Aero
Adobe XD
Cinema 4D
HTML 5 + CSS 3
8th Wall
Lens Studio
Meta Spark Studio

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I am currently in Tokyo, Japan (GMT +9). If there is a project that I can help with or you just want to have a conversation about local projects, please feel free to reach out to me. Once I receive your message, I will respond within 8 hours.

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